Values and Philosophy

The values and philosophies of MALIBU REHAB CENTER act as the guiding principle in the way we do our work.

The professionals and the general staff at MALIBU REHAB CENTER are driven by the high calling and spirit to help the addicted person to overcome the addiction. We are non-critical and non-judgmental. We do not blame the patients or criticize them because of doing or not doing this or that…we are there to address the problem of addiction.

We concern ourselves with how to overcome the addiction and not why you became addicted. We address each case of addiction independently so that we can devise the best methods of countering the addiction completely and permanently. Our pleasure and happiness is to help the clients to begin living a free and happy life without cravings or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Based on medical research and our professional training, we believe that addiction is a disease. We have all the systems, facilities, skills and technology of treating the addiction disease. What we need is cooperation from the patient. Our treatment techniques and programs are the latest and they are the most effective. We do not treat as way of conducting clinical trials. We only apply and do that which has been proven to work in eradicating the addiction to the abuse of drugs or alcohol.

We treat all our clients with due RESPECT. We do not discriminate or mistreat anyone in any manner whatsoever. We are there to treat and help our clients but not to concern ourselves with unnecessary matters beyond the addiction. We understand that addiction is a complicated phenomenon that requires sober brains to address. We use motivational enhancement, behavioral therapies and very many other techniques in order to ensure that the patient enjoys the treatment. We are fully aware of the suffering that the addiction puts the patient in to. We offer rehab services because of passion to help prevent the suffering from the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

In whatever we do we are guided by the strict standards and guidelines of PROFESSIONALISM. We do to our best that which has been proven to work through medical research. We do not and we will never at any time gamble with the health of our clients. We believe that you chose or you are about to choose us because you have noticed that you need professional help in order to overcome the addiction. Our medical and rehab staff is led by addiction specialist Akikur Mohammad, M.D. and all therapists have undergone the required training and certifications to offer professional rehab services.

At MALIBU REHAB CENTER we preserve, value and highly respect your right to PRIVACY. We encourage all the clients and patients to feel free and open up during the counseling sessions with our qualified counselors. To us, the ball does not stop when the patient stops the abuse of the drugs or alcohol. We aim at ensuring that the patient ceases the abuse of drugs and alcohol once and for all. We offer continuous ongoing support to the reformed addicts in order to ensure that there is no relapse.