Treatment Programs

Addiction is a very challenging problem in many societies today and helping individuals who are in need is a serious task. Perhaps a loved one or a person you know is affected. Malibu Rehab Center is one of the most reputable drug treatment centers in the country and we are here to help! At Malibu Rehab Center our drug and alcohol treatment programs help to transform the lives of those in need.

Treatment Program Structure

Drug addiction doesn’t affect just the addict, it also has an impact on society in general as well. Addicts are affected both physically and emotionally. We focus on the individuals emotional state, to ensure that behavioral habits are changed. Treatment should be sought by addicts as soon as possible to ensure that they can benefit from all of the available resources. The structure of the brain is greatly damaged by continuous intake of drugs. When one enters Malibu Rehab Centers drug or alcohol treatment program, they are assessed to determine which treatment modalities will best fit the patient to ensure that treatment is effective. In almost all cases, drug treatment doesn’t tackle only drug abuse issues. Addicts have a number of difficulties that have to be confronted as well.


Our drug treatment program is headed by the top doctors and professionals in the country so that we can ensure the highest chances for recovery for each and every patient.

During treatment, the patient undergoes comprehensive therapy in which they can take advantage of the extensive experience of each therapist as they gather all the information that is necessary in treatment. Medical personnel help to monitor the patients throughout the treatment period to ensure that patients are safely responding to various treatment modalities.

Treatment Programs Offered

If needed, drug or alcohol addiction detox is performed at the initial phase of treatment in which the patient’s body is thoroughly purified of any remaining drug toxins. This can take up to two weeks but it is primarily determined by the kind of drug or alcohol abused and the response of an individual’s body to treatment.

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