The Experience

Making up the mind to undergo addiction treatment is not always very easy. Based on the dangerous effects of the abuse of alcohol and drugs, it is the best decision that you can make in your life. The abuse of drugs can cause total disorder in ones life. In order to make the experience better, you should choose the rehab center that offers the best treatment in a relaxed environment.

MALIBU REHAB CENTER offers a wonderful and exciting experience that makes the treatment different, flexible and superior as compared to others. We do not let our patients feel lonely or as if they are undergoing forced rehab…we offer professional one-on-one counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) among various other therapies in order to ensure that the recovery is stress free. We accord you all the facilities and opportunity to feel at home while you area ideally away from your home.

Based on the reviews from our satisfied clients, every day at MALIBU REHAB CENTER is a new day of discovery. Every new day is characterized by the breaking away from the dark past of abusing alcohol or drugs and beginning a new life full of joy and hope. Our staff is friendly and has undergone all of the proper training to ensure you the best support that you need in recovery.

The MALIBU REHAB CENTER environment is serene, friendly and supportive of the patient. Our staff is always ready to offer the necessary support and guidance as and when the clients ask for it. We encourage the active but not passive treatment. As the patient, you will be encouraged to participate in your treatment. You will be counseled, guided and advised on how you can quit the abuse of alcohol or drugs.

In order to ensure that the treatment and rehab is highly successful, we only apply the techniques that have been proven to work best in helping the addicted person to overcome the addiction and dependence to the alcohol and drugs. We are very happy when our clients come back say ‘thank you’ after successful treatment and rehab because of what we did to them. We are proud and very happy of the positive testimonies from our clients and the wonderful things they have to say about their experience at MALIBU REHAB CENTER.

At the end of the treatment, our professional staff develops the best after care plan that includes local sober living and outpatient treatment. We always encourage our patients to stay in touch with us by calling or emailing us. We will always respond to your questions or concerns promptly. Our greatest happiness is to see everyone living a free and happy life without the craving, addiction or dependence to alcohol.

Your first day at MALIBU REHAB CENTER will mark a new day and rebirth of your life. It marks the beginning of recovery and a new life without abuse and addiction to drugs or alcohol.