Substance Abuse

Drug rehab centers are suitable for helping individuals who want to live a better and more productive life free from the chains of addiction. Thankfully, Malibu Drug Rehab Center is here and available, all you need to do is make the choice now.

Deciding to live a clean and sober lifestyle without consuming drugs is vital in transforming your life. The professionally trained and experienced health care providers at Malibu Drug Rehab Center will provide you with all the assistance that you require in order to conquer your problems. It is important to make the decision now as it’s going to empower you. And without any fear, you need to embrace treatment as it will effectively enable you to recover.

A few of the many services available at Malibu Drug Rehab Center:

  • DetoxMalibu Drug Rehab Center
  • Treatment
  • Counseling
  • Therapies
  • Strong support networks
  • Aftercare

Drug addiction is associated with a severe compulsive habit whereby the addict is unable to experience a typical day without drugs. Malibu drug rehab center is located in the luxurious hills of Malibu California. The modern amenities offered are personalized programs given in a supportive and comfortable setting for anyone experiencing the side effects of drug addiction or other related complications.

Malibu Drug Rehab Center serve those individuals who require detox and treatment. All the conditions that are linked to addiction are also treated at the treatment center as well. Finding drug treatment is normally the initial stage in becoming a productive and sober person. With the services and treatment approaches available at Malibu Rehab Center, you can find the help needed in order to overcome all the difficulties that you are currently facing.

The committed and supportive health care providers as well as other staff here at Malibu Rehab Center have the resources that can direct individuals who want to discover recovery and start becoming successful.

Malibu Rehab Center’s program is effective in helping patients to overcome many addictions including:

  • Heroin Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction

Our goal is simple, we help our clients overcome addiction. Call Malibu Drug Rehab Center today at (866) 283-5216 to start a healthier life!

Malibu Rehab Center, located in the beautiful hills above Malibu, is one of the top addiction treatment facilities in the country. Our mission is to help each individual recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol. We know that addiction is a disease that can be managed and treated successfully with the proper therapy tools. Our addiction rehab center uses scientifically proven treatment with oversight from medical doctors, to treat physical and Substance Abuse Rehabpsychological addiction, improve emotional and physical health, and provide one-on-one support and therapy that is personally tailored for each individual. Our program begins with the initial assessment and continues through to aftercare maintenance. Our vision is for each person to live a richer, happier, healthier and fuller life, free from addiction.

What is Substance Abuse Rehab?

Substance abuse rehab is a program designed to help a person break the chains of addiction through the use of counseling, education, and when necessary, medical treatment and detox. Physical addiction is addressed as well as emotional difficulties that led to or resulted from the addiction. Different addiction treatment centers provide various approaches to treatment. At Malibu Rehab Center, we tailor our program to meet each individual’s specific needs. Our center is set in a comfortable, quiet, safe environment and provides personalized treatment guided by the top medical doctors who are specifically trained in the addiction and detox field.

Objectives of Rehab

Malibu Rehab Center approaches substance abuse treatment from a variety of angles to ensure that the whole being of each individual is treated. The goals of our rehab are:
  • To comfortably relieve and eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal
  • To safely detox the body of alcohol, drugs and toxins
  • To overcome both physical and psychological addiction
  • To address emotional issues
  • To provide a supportive atmosphere
  • To provide the individual with coping tools to deal with difficult life circumstances
  • To educate the individual on how to avoid relapse
  • To improve the overall health of the individual through nutrition, relaxation techniques and other strategies

Rehab Programs Offered

Our substance abuse treatment center specializes in the treatment of opiate, alcohol and prescription drug addiction. We can also help people overcome cocaine addictions. Examples of the substance addictions we commonly treat include:
  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Rehab
  • Heroine
  • Morphine
  • Dilaudid
  • Oxycontin
  • Vicodin
  • Pain relievers
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription stimulants
  • Prescription depressants
  • Prescription sleeping aids
  • Prescription anti-anxiety medications
No matter who you are or what you’re substances you’re addicted to, Malibu Rehab Center is here to help you. We want you to succeed in beating your addiction and will provide you with the support, professional care and effective treatment to help you break free from your addiction in a comfortable, confidential and relaxing environment.