Non 12 Step Program

12 Step programs were designed more than seven decades ago. Initially, there was AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, which was used as a rehab program for alcoholism during the 30s. The principle has then been used as the basis of several other 12 step programs including the NA or Narcotics Anonymous. Even though the foundation of the 12 step methods is still used in various centers, they have received a lot of criticisms. When we say “Non 12 Step Program” this doesn’t mean we are against the 12 steps. At Malibu Rehab Center we treat the individual and the disease first.

When the addiction is under control we encourage our patients to use the 12 steps or Smart Recovery groups as an adjunct to their treatment.

NA and AA involve meetings whereby individuals recall life events regarding their alcohol or drug abuse. On the other hand, non 12 step programs are global alternatives. Rather that focusing on the traumatic past, the individuals disease is treated. Once the disease is under control they then receive practical guidance and support regarding how them can gain control over their own lives, conquer the craving for alcohol and drugs, quit their dangerous habits and turn out to be productive in society.

Non 12 Step Program Success Rates

Non 12 step drug treatment programs have been proven and in return hold remarkable outcomes. Non 12 step programs hold the best efficiency and in many cases, the success rates exceeds 70 percent. This is performed by tackling both the individual’s dependency and emotional craving for alcohol and drugs as well as treating the disease itself. The conventional 12 step programs when used to treat addiction can be a challenge because first and foremost the disease is left untreated.

Each time an individual consumes drugs or alcohol traces of the harmful substance are stored in the body. Detox helps to eliminate such substances, allowing the individual to gain complete recovery. Non 12 step programs provide an individual with the resources needed to restore their self confidence and esteem. At Malibu Rehab Center we offer personalized therapy and counseling to unearth the underlying issues that cause addiction. Life skills are also taught in order to enhance abstinence as well as responsibility for family and community.