Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a major problem-affecting people around the world. While it is not possible to eradicate alcohol entirely, we need to reduce the alcoholism problem as much as possible.

Alcohol treatment is there to offer hope to the individuals and families that are affected by alcohol problems. It is important to bear in mind the importance of choosing the right alcohol treatment that suits best the requirements of the addicted person. Malibu Rehab Center offers many methods and procedures when treating alcohol addiction. The medical, mental and physical considerations of a patient are appreciated and offered the consideration that they deserve.

Malibu Rehab Center is the top non-12 step alcohol treatment center in the county led by one of the most distinguished doctors in the world.

Alcohol Treatments Available

Let’s have a quick look at the treatments available for alcohol misuse. Malibu Rehab Center uses a combination of a number of alcohol treatments for lasting and stable recovery.

Alcohol treatment can be offered through different kinds of programs including social, biological and emotional treatment. Treatment is based on the individual’s needs.

Biological treatment: here, medication is utilized to heal alcohol addiction or dependency. In many cases, alcohol detoxification is administered. Our professionally trained health care providers in order to lessen and manage the frequently unbearable withdrawal symptoms prescribe effective medicines. Lots of people are unaware of the risks for withdrawal effects and the fact that they can bring about premature death during extreme cases. Drugs can also be administered during this kind of alcohol treatment in order to fight off the risks of relapses.

Psychological treatment: both therapy and counseling are employed to enable the recovering persons to cease drinking and also fight off relapse. Counseling is done in order to equip the individual with the necessary skills that are required to avoid falling into familiar traps or temptations. Counseling is effective when done in group as well as on a one-on-one basis. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is specifically popular because it tackles the core issues that trigger an addiction.

At Malibu Rehab Center, treatment for addiction is achieved according to the requirements of the specific individual. We address the individuals needs. When an client enters Malibu Rehab Center, an evaluation is conducted first. This helps us to determine the level of addiction so as to identify the right path for alcohol treatment.