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The Experience

Safe and Comfortable Detox


In fact, Malibu Rehab specializes in proper detoxification from alcohol or any drug, offering the safest, most comfortable detox in the nation. One of the most critical phases of the addiction recovery process, our physicians board certified in addiction medicine, closely monitor you during detox. Our staff understands how best to manage the anxiety and symptoms that occur during detox.

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Evidenced-based Treatment


We use the most advanced scientific evidence to achieve successful drug and alcohol treatment outcomes. At Malibu Rehab, every aspect of our program is determined by data gathered from repeatedly testing various treatment options over time with various subjects and situations. We are among the 10% of U.S. treatment facilities offering this sort of treatment.

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Individualized Attention


Experienced staff members are onsite 24 hours a day to help you through every stage of recovery. The first few weeks may bring about early cravings and withdrawal symptoms, a critical time for one-on-one support. While you are at Malibu Rehab, your wellbeing and privacy is a priority.

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Comprehensive Program


We understand that addiction is a complex illness that develops over time and compromises the ability to cope, it becomes compulsive and the brain loses its ability to control behavior. Successful treatment at Malibu Rehab is based on science and evidence and starts with detoxification, then therapy, rehabilitation, and relapse prevention, all supervised by a trained physician.

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Private, Peaceful Facilities


All under one roof in a private, peaceful Malibu setting, you can complete full detox, therapy and rehab with the support of highly trained addiction specialists. Your room is comfortable, the facilities are impeccable, and you have access to activities like beach yoga, entertainment onsite as well as food prepared by an amazing chef.


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